The Polaroid Go is the smallest Polaroid camera yet

Instant camera pioneer Polaroid has just announced the Polaroid Go, a new, pocket-sized camera. At just 105mm long, 84mm wide and 61mm tall, the Go is not only Polaroid’s smallest camera to date but the smallest analogue instant camera on the market.

With the shrunken down silhouette of the iconic Polaroid OneStep and the classic rainbow-on-white colourway, the Go looks well-positioned to be a stylish, take-anywhere instant camera. It features fully automatic exposure – simply point and shoot – along with a 34mm equivalent lens, a dynamic flash with manual override, a self-timer, a selfie mirror and a creative double exposure mode. Power comes courtesy of a USB-rechargeable battery and a full charge should be good for up to 15 packs of film.

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A new, smaller camera needs a new, smaller film to pair with it. Like the camera, Polaroid’s new Go film is its smallest format yet, measuring 67mm by 54mm and offering a 47mm x 46mm image area. For comparison, rival Fujifilm’s rectangular Instax Mini film offers a 61mm x 46mm image. This format is significantly smaller than Polaroid’s standard i-Type and 600 offerings but it’s also set to be a fair bit cheaper with a double pack containing 16 shots set to retail for £19.


The Polaroid Go starter set, containing the camera and a double pack of film, goes on pre-sale from 20 April and general sale from 27 April with a list price of £125. 

We’re yet to get hands-on with the Polaroid Go but we’ll be sure to keep you posted once we’ve had a chance to expose a few packs of film.

Preorder now from Polaroid

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