Sky Broadband Ultrafast: Get Black Friday deals on Sky’s Ultrafast broadband package

Deals update: Calling all streaming, gaming and internet surfing addicts: Sky has sliced a tenner a month from its Ultrafast Broadband package. Just £35 per month instead of its usual £45, you’ll enjoy supercharged average download speeds of 145Mbit/sec and free Anytime Calls at a really great price. There is a £19.95 set-up fee but you’ll save a huge £180 over the course of the 18-month plan.

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Sky has finally gone live with the Ultrafast Broadband packages it unveiled at the end of August.

This new broadband tier, called Sky Broadband Ultrafast, promises speeds that are 12 times faster than those offered by Sky’s standard Broadband Essential service with average download speeds ranging from 145Mbits/sec for the Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1 package, up to 285Mbits/sec on Sky Broadband Ultrafast 2. 

These speeds put the new service on par with BT’s premium packages, likely because Sky runs on BT’s network.  

“With the number of connected and WiFi-enabled devices in the home increasing, from smart TVs, speakers, virtual assistants and even intelligent fridges, every room of the house is becoming ‘smarter’,” said Sky’s press release. “Fast and reliable broadband is now essential for our everyday lives, whether at work, for entertainment purposes such as gaming, or simply browsing on the sofa – it’s no longer something we can live without.” 

At the time of launch, Sky confirmed more than 2 million homes in the UK will have access to Sky Ultrafast Broadband, with 1.2 million of these homes being eligible for Sky Ultrafast Broadband 2, and you can now check to see if you’re eligible using Sky’s availability checker. If your postcode isn’t eligible yet, it may be that it’s part of a later rollout as Sky is planning to switch on these services in stages. 

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The slower of the two Broadband Ultrafast packages costs £39 a month, with the faster package starting at £49 a month. This is for an 18-month contract and comes with set-up fees of up to £34.95.

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To put this into perspective, Sky’s basic Essential package costs £20 a month, with £19.95 set up costs, for 18 months. This package promises average download speeds as 11Mbits/sec. Its Superfast offering is £27 a month, for the same period and with the same set-up costs, for an average of 59Mbits/sec. Existing Sky customers who want to upgrade to either of the new Ultrafast Broadband packages will also have to pay a fee of £34.95.

By comparison, BT’s Superfast Fibre Essential, offering average speeds of 36Mbps costs £29.99pm; BT Superfast Fibre (50Mbps) is £29.99pm or BT Superfast Fibre 2 (67Mbps) costs £39.99. BT Complete Wi-Fi, the equivalent to Sky’s Wi-Fi Gurantee, costs £10pm extra while its BT Superfast Fibre Plus (67Mbps) costs £54.99pm with BT Complete Wi-Fi costing an extra £5pm.

All of Sky’s broadband packages additionally come with unlimited downloads, and the price includes line rental, Sky Pay As You Talk and a Sky Hub. 

What’s more, for £44 a month, you can add Sky Broadband Boost to the cheaper of these two Broadband Ultrafast packages which comes with Sky’s Wi-Fi Guarantee of broadband coverage in every room of your home, as well engineer visits on evenings and weekends at no extra cost, new parental controls with the Sky Broadband Buddy app and daily line health checks. 

The Wi-Fi Guarantee means that if you don’t get broadband in every room, you’ll get this extra fiver back. 

You can register your interest in Sky Ultrafast Broadband 1 and 2, and find out more about the launch date, on the Sky Ultrafast Broadband site.

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