Get a brand new TV for FREE with Three’s Home Broadband and TV bundle

Football may not have come home for England this year, but Three UK is consoling the country by offering a free TV to any customer purchasing a home broadband package. Specifically, purchase a 5G home broadband plan, and you’ll get a 43in 4K LG TV (worth £499) bundled in at no additional cost. Alternatively, go for the 4G broadband package and you get a 32in full HD LG TV (worth £249), also at no extra charge.

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This offer is part of the brand’s “TV Peace Treaty” campaign, developed in partnership with former footballer Harry Redknapp, which aims to reduce TV-related bickering by providing customers with an extra screen at home; that way, everyone gets to watch exactly what they want, no arguing necessary. For anyone dreading several more weeks of Love Island shenanigans, this offer could save you an awful lot of grief.

A free TV is all well and good, but not if it means being saddled with lousy broadband for two years. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. In our roundup of the best mobile broadband networks, we named Three Home Broadband as the best unlimited 4G/5G broadband you can buy right now, with good average speeds and 5G performance that tops many fibre options.

Buy now at Three UK

It is worth noting that the prices of Three’s 4G and 5G broadband packages have changed ever so slightly ahead of this offer, with the 4G package rising from £22 per month to £23, and the 5G going from £29 per month to £30. This modest price increase amounts to an additional £24 over the two years for both the 4G and 5G contracts, which still keeps Three quite a bit cheaper than some of its competitor’s unlimited packages. At worst, you’re paying £24 for a new TV worth as much as £499.

Given that both broadband packages are solid, and the TV you get is from a reputable brand (LG, no less), this shapes up as quite the deal, no matter which one you choose. Before going straight in for the 5G package to get the bigger telly, be sure to check Three’s network coverage to see if Three 5G covers your local area yet. And once you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is cash in on your free TV and thank Harry Redknapp for bringing peace to your living room.

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