Best Sky deals: The best offers on Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Mobile and Now TV

Signing up for a Sky package can be a big financial commitment. And it can be a potentially huge one if you’ve set your heart on having all the channels beamed to every room in your home.

Exercise a little patience, however, and you can save yourself a packet with our pick of the best Sky TV deals. With Sky Mobile and Sky Broadband now being available, too, there are offers coming up all the time. And there are so many ways to save. To discover them, read on.

UPDATE: Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, Sky has informed customers that it is unable to carry out any Sky TV instalments. Thus many of the deals on this page are currently inactive, and we will make sure to update them as soon as that changes.

At the time of writing, there are NOW TV deals still active, so you can sign up for Sky Cinema, Entertainment, Kids passes and more – just scroll down to find the best offers.

The best Now TV 2020 deals

If you have Wi-Fi at home, but don’t have a TV contract and are unsure about getting one because you stream all your content, then Now TV is precisely what you need. It gives you access to all of Sky TV content but online and on your mobile device. You can also purchase a Now TV stick to stream and control content directly from your TV, or you can simply cast content from your mobile device to your Smart TV.

Now TV also works with gaming consoles, including the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. New and existing users can subscribe to one of Now TV’s passes, which are regularly discounted. Passes auto-renew at the usual rate at the end of the deal period, so it’s worth adding a reminder to cancel your subscription before this expires.

1. Save £27 on a Sky Sports pass over 3-months

Now TV has got a great deal for sports fans right now – you can get three months of Sky Sports for £25 a month, saving you £9 a month. That’s an overall saving of £27 and allows you to catch all the key matches airing on Sky.

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2. Get a 6-month Now TV Entertainment pass for £6.99/mth when you get Unlimited/Super-fast Fab Fibre broadband

Now TV is offering you the chance to enjoy an Entertainment Pass for a discounted price when you sign up for Now Broadband’s Unlimited and super-fast Fab Fibre packages. The broadband will set you back £25/mth and includes average download speeds of 36Mbits/sec, unlimited downloads and line rental, with a no-contract option and easy switching from your current provider. And with an Entertainment pass thrown into the mix, you’ll save £12 over the 6-month period.

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The best Sky TV deals in 2020

Sky TV is broken down into different sections. Their starting non-deal prices are a steep £27/mth for Sky Entertainment, £19/mth for Sky Cinema, £30/mth for Sky Sports and £32/mth for Sky Superfast broadband.

You can either choose a bundle package with multiple sections or opt for one that you like and add other categories later on during the timeline of your 18-month contract. The former will obviously work out cheaper if part of a sale because individual packages are otherwise very expensive throughout the year.

Sky Cinema gives you access to over 1,000 films with a new premiere every day, and Sky Sports is the UK home of the Premier League and EFL Championship. Sky Entertainment gives you instant access to thousands of TV series and Sky originals, including Britannia II, Catherine the Great, Ray Donovan, Watchmen, Chernobyl and others. Note: many of the packages mentioned below include a one-time £20 setup fee.

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1. Get Sky Cinema for just £11

Sky has a treat for film fans in 2020. If you sign up for Sky Cinema right now, you’ll be able to save a blockbuster £144 over 18 months, with £8 being shaved off the monthly price (£19/mth down to £11/mth). That’s a 40% saving, and gets you access to more than 1,000 movies over the festive period and beyond.

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2. Sky TV + Netflix + Cinema for £36/mth

This is for those who don’t want to choose between subscriptions. The Entertainment + Netflix + Cinema bundle will cost you just £36/mth, so you’re saving a cool £6/mth, or £108 over your contract term. With it you’ll get more than 500 box sets, more than 1,000 movies and all of Netflix’s offerings in HD.

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3. Sky TV + Sky Sports + Netflix (was £54, now £45)

One of the best TV deals for sports fans, for a limited time you can get not only Sky TV with all of its live TV and box sets, but also 11 Sky Sports channels in HD and Netflix on top. Usually priced at £54/mth, you can get it right now for £45 — saving you a whopping £162 over 18 months.

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The best Sky TV + Broadband deals 2020

Sky has three Broadband options — Broadband Essential, Broadband Superfast and Broadband Ultrafast — with each offering progressively better download speeds. Essential tops out at 10Mbits/sec, Superfast reaches speeds of 74Mbits/sec and Ultrafast goes all the way up to 145Mbits/sec.

Use the free online Sky Broadband Speed Checker to find out what speeds are available where you live. Note that like the TV packages, all of the below broadband bundle deals subject you to an 18-month long-term contract and all packages include a one-time setup fee, which is usually around £20 or £30.

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1. Broadband + Sky TV (was £49, now £37)

This may not look like a massive save, with just £12 shaved off the monthly fee, but over the 18-month contract that’s a lovely £216 that you can keep for something else. Basically, this deal is a great way to enjoy Sky Broadband and get the Entertainment package as part of the bargain.

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2. Sky TV + Broadband + Netflix + Cinema (was £62, now £52)

A bundle of everything a TV and film fan could wish for, this package gets you not only Sky Cinema but all of the hundreds of box sets available on Netflix and Sky Entertainment, as well as average download speeds of 59Mbits/sec — so you don’t have to worry about any annoying buffering while you’re bingeing your favourite new series.

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3. Sky TV + Sky Sports + Netflix + Broadband (was £79, now £61)

A fabulous deal, this bundle gets you the Entertainment and Sports packages as well as Superfast Broadband and Netflix. Buying together while the deal continues will save you £18/mth which, over the 18-month period, amounts to a tidy £324! Be sure to act quickly before the offer ends.

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The best Sky deals in your area

How to choose the right Sky TV package for you

Once you’ve chosen a Sky TV package, chances are that you will be tied into a contract for 18 months. Although you can add extra things to your package at a later date, you don’t want to be stuck with a core service that doesn’t match your requirements.

Which Sky Q box should you choose?

Choosing between a 1TB Sky Q box and a 2TB Sky Q box is one of the first choices that Sky will give you when you’re trying to pick a package. There are some significant differences between the two, so you’ll want to choose very carefully.

The 1TB Sky Q box can hold 500 hours of standard-definition recordings, and it can record three shows at once while you watch the fourth one live. Depending on your Sky package, you can watch in either standard definition or high definition with a Sky Q 1TB box. You can also stream to one device with this particular box if you pay extra for a Multiscreen add-on. If you pay extra for Multiscreen and purchase a ‘Sky Q Minibox’, you can also watch on up to two TVs.

The 2TB Sky Q box has more to offer in every department. It can hold up to 1000 hours of standard definition TV, and it can record six shows while you watch the seventh one live. It can also support ultra-high-definition if you have a package that allows that. With a 2TB box, you can also stream to two devices instead of just one using the Sky Q app. And if you have the Multiscreen add-on and two Sky Q Mini boxes, you can watch on up to three TVs.

Do new customers get special Sky Q deals?

If you’re a new customer and you opt to buy a Sky Q package, you won’t pay a penny for the box itself. With both the 1TB and 2TB packages, the box is free, but the set-up fee varies wildly: there is an installation cost of £20 for the 1TB, which seems fairly reasonable, but that set-up fee skyrockets to £65 if you go for the 2TB box.

What do you get with the basic package?

For £20 per month, new Sky TV customers can get a 1TB Sky Q box with a basic Sky TV Entertainment package, which covers all the terrestrial and Freeview channels, as well as premium channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Living, and Sky Arts. There is no cost to buy the equipment, although there is a one-off £20 charge for setting it up.

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How do the 1TB and 2TB Sky Q packages vary?

It can get a bit complicated to remember all the differences between the two main Sky Q packages. Here are the core specs you’ll want to bear in mind when picking a package:

Sky Q 1TB package Sky Q 2TB package
Core monthly price £20 £20
Setup cost £20 £199 (drops to £65 if you add Multiscreen to your package)
Length of contract 18-month minimum 18-month minimum
Total storage 1TB (can hold up to 500 hours of standard definition TV) 2TB (can hold up to 1000 hours of standard definition TV)
Recording capabilities Record 3 shows while watching a 4th one live Record 6 shows while watching a 7th one live
Best picture quality available HD (only if you pay an extra £5 per month to add HD to your package) Ultra HD (only if you pay an extra £12 per month to add Multiscreen to your package)
Extra monthly cost to add Sky Q Multiscreen £12 £12
Maximum capabilities for Multiscreen customers Watch at the same time on 2 TVs* and 1 tablet. Watch at the same time on 3 TVs* and 2 tablets.

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