Best GoPro accessories 2020: The best gimbals, selfie sticks, mounts and lights for your GoPro

GoPro’s action cameras are a fantastic way to capture your activities – but to get the best footage, you need the best GoPro accessories to mount your action camera in the optimum position.

All GoPros come with a handy adhesive mount, which you can use to attach the camera to all manner of surfaces. However, there are plenty of other ways of attaching these compact video cameras to yourself, your bag or even your pets.

Some of these come from GoPro itself – the official head and chest mounts are popular, for example. But there are plenty of third-party manufacturers producing accessories that are compatible with GoPro cameras.

The most useful accessories divide up into the following categories: power banks, lights, grips, and mounts. It goes without saying, you’ll also want a microSD card to record on. We’d recommend SanDisk’s Ultra 64GB microSDXC card; it offers plenty of storage space, excellent read/write speeds and is inexpensive.

The best GoPro power banks to buy

It’s the worst feeling when your GoPro battery dies half-way through an expedition. A high-capacity USB power bank can keep your camera rolling: you can top it up during moments of downtime, or even charge it while it’s recording.

Tronsmart PB20: All the power you need in a compact package

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

The Tronsmart PB20 packs a lot of features into a relatively compact package. Measuring 68 x 137 x 27mm (WDH) and weighing 342g it’s small enough to slip into a jacket pocket yet it squeezes a sizeable 20,000mAh of capacity into its rugged, rubberised frame.

That’s enough to recharge an iPhone 8 6.5 times so it should be enough to keep your GoPro going for days. It also has an LED display that shows how much percentage of its capacity is remaining and can charge up to three devices at once via its USB-C, USB-A and microUSB ports. At this price, it’s an absolute bargain of a power bank. Go buy one now. 

Outxe power bank: A waterproof power bank

Price: £27 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re using your GoPro underwater, or in adverse weather conditions, it makes sense to invest in a weatherproof power bank. Step forward the Outxe power bank, which boasts IP67 certification against water and dust. Of course, you can’t actually charge your GoPro underwater, but it’s good to know that this power pack won’t be damaged if you accidentally drop it in a pool, or forget it’s in your pocket as you jump into the sea. Better still, the power bank can be charged through its solar panel – a must if you don’t have access to a wall socket. We’d suggest the 10,000mAh size for portability, but the company also offers a larger, more expensive 20,000mAh power bank, too.

The best GoPro light to buy

An external light source can be extremely useful if you’re shooting in low-light conditions. It also helps when you’re filming underwater, allowing you to capture more detail, or even spot animals you’d otherwise not have been able to make out.

Suptig diving light: Underwater lighting

Price: £17 | Buy now from Amazon

The Suptig diving light is a cheap and cheerful illuminator that works up to 45m underwater. Its three LEDs are rated at 300 lumens – which is jolly bright – and coverage is nice and wide too. For under £20, it’s a must-have add-on.

The best GoPro grip to buy

If you’re hoping to shoot professional-looking footage, a grip or gimbal is well worth the investment. No matter what you’re shooting, it’ll make your camerawork much more smooth and steady. Some use electronic stabilisation technology, while others are battery-free for the ultimate simplicity and convenience.

MyArmor floating hand grip: Perfect for the swimming pool

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

The MyArmor is a cheap but effective GoPro grip. It’s particularly good for underwater shooting, as it floats – and if you unscrew the bottom it’ll reveal a cylindrical compartment inside which you can store small objects.

GoPro Shorty: Multi-purpose grip

Price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

The GoPro Shorty is a handy little grip that doubles up as a tripod. It’s a little on the expensive side, but if you’re looking to stabilise both your handheld and static shots, it’s a very convenient way to achieve both with a single accessory.

GoPro 3-Way: An excellent grip with an adjustable arm

Price: £48 | Buy now from Amazon

This odd-looking mount can be used (as the name suggests) in three different ways. It can serve as a clever selfie-stick that keeps the arm out of view; you can detach the arm and use it as a simple camera grip; or you can fold out the discreetly tucked-away legs to turn it into a tripod for some fixed-spot filming.

GoPro Karma: The best gimbal under £300

Price: £290 | Buy now from Amazon

The GoPro Karma is an expensive piece of kit, but it makes shooting smooth footage a breeze: it pairs up instantly with your GoPro camera, and offers built-in camera controls so you can switch modes and start and stop recording on the move. It’s a beautiful bit of design, and the results are excellent.

Removu S1: A weatherproof gimbal

Price: £300 | Buy now from Amazon

The Removu S1 is slightly more expensive than the GoPro Karma, but it has a longer battery life, a wireless remote control and – perhaps crucially – a rainproof design. It’s a real go-anywhere companion for your GoPro that puts you in full control and ensures your videos look beautifully smooth.

The best GoPro mount to buy

GoPro Floaty: Make your GoPro float

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Ever wanted your GoPro to just…float? Well, this official accessory candidly named ‘Floaty’, does just that. Attach this piece to a GoPro waterproof case, such as the ‘Super Suit’ and you’ll have a waterproof shell that’ll float on water. It’s compatible with the latest GoPro devices, you just need to ensure you buy the additional waterproof case for your camera.

Fantaseal Octopus Mount: A flexible tree mount

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

With its three bendable arms, the Fantaseal can be wrapped around anything you see fit – so it’s perfect when you want to get a fresh angle on a scene, or to position your GoPro somewhere where there’s no flat surfaces. An excellent choice for those who want to create a unique-looking time-lapse.

SP Gadgets Bottle Mount: Best for camping

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

The SP Gadgets bottle mount turns any bottle into a floating hand grip for your GoPro. Fill it with sand or liquid and you can also use it a stable base for your camera. Smartly, SP includes a keyring attachment so you can easily carry it with you everywhere, and simply clip it to any bottle you happen to come across.

Accessories kit: Cover all the basics

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re just getting started with your GoPro, this accessory kit is a great way to try out different mountings and accessories, from a small screw bit for your various mounts to a chest strap. For only £20 it’s an excellent addition for anyone who owns a GoPro.

GoPro The Strap: Wrist mount

Price: £38 | Buy now from Amazon

GoPro’s official “The Strap” is a surprisingly comfortable strap that lets you wear your camera on your wrist – or anywhere else on your arm or leg. Its rotating mount is tremendously convenient for flipping back and forth between selfies and PoV footage. It’s undeniably expensive, but it’s tough enough to withstand extreme sports, and to survive the onslaught of grit and sand.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness: The best mount for animals

Price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your dog gets up to when you’re not around, here’s your chance. Yes, the GoPro Fetch lets you strap your expensive camera onto the back – or front – of your pooch. It’s nicely padded to make sure that your dog isn’t uncomfortable wearing the harness, fully adjustable for both small and large dogs and completely washable to boot. You might question the wisdom of strapping an expensive camera to an animal, but the option’s there.

GoPro Smart Remote: Control your GoPro from afar

Price: £60 | Buy now from Amazon

Now, this might not be a mount, but we felt this product was worth mentioning. The Smart remote does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to control a multitude of GoPro cameras simultaneously from afar. It’s ideal for skiers and those who ride a bike – it’ll keep your mind at rest, knowing you’re recording.

PGYTECH Carrying Case Mini

Price: £24.90 | Buy now from Amazon

Once you’re all tooled up with mounts and accessories, you’re going to need something to stow all your stuff in. We’ve used PGYTech’s excellent range of cases a lot and they offer loads of features for the money and good protection for your gear. The Carrying Case Mini is a case in point. It comes with velcro dividers to stop your camera rattling around inside the case and getting scratched and scuffed. There’s a flap with elastic straps to keep your SD cards organised and a stretchy pouch to pop loose bits and bobs in like cables and adapters. It’s sold as a case for the DJI Osmo Pocket but you can use this for any action camera; it’s a very useful accessory.

GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip: Head mount

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

If you want to capture great footage while your hands are full, the head mount is the classic answer. The GoPro Head Strap and QuickClip offers a variety of head-mounting options to ensure whatever the event, you’ll be able to record your activities. The price may seem a tad high for what is basically a head-strap, but it’s the best in quality compared to third-party offerings.

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