Best BT deals 2020: Save big on BT broadband, TV, mobile and SIM-only offers this July

British Telecom has evolved from a humble telephone company into an organisation that offers all sorts of services. Alongside phone line rental, you can also go to BT for broadband, TV and mobile packages. BT even has its own exclusive sports channel, BT Sport, that’s just for its customers.

Of course, you can tot up quite the bill when signing up for its services – and you certainly don’t want to find you’re contractually locked into something that you can’t actually afford. Luckily BT regularly offers some genuinely decent deals, discounts and freebies with a host of its popular services. Interested? Take a look at our list below of the best BT deals out there.

Here’s our pick of the best BT deals this July

1. Get BT Sport or Big Sport for 50% less

Right now, two of BT’s sports TV packages are half the usual price – the standard Sports package has dropped from £15 to just £7.50 a month. The Big Sports package, meanwhile – which also includes all Sky Sports channels – has fallen from £40 to £20 a month. Click on the link below for a full overview of what each package contains.

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2. Get BT’s Superfast Fibre 2 broadband for £72 less

BT is currently offering a discount on its top-tier Superfast Fibre 2 service. This is a package that usually comes in at £34.99 per month, but right now it’s just £32.99. That’s a £72 saving across the 24-month contract – and it goes some way to addressing the priciness that we took issue with in our BT Broadband review. 

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3. Get BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi system for £28 less (was £200, now £172)

True to the spirit of giving, BT has knocked a tidy £28 off its Whole Home wi-fi system. This is a multi-box wi-fi package that we gave a glowing five-star review – our reviewer Jonathan Bray praised its speed and reliability… but did point out it’s a tad pricey. Well, that’s now been sorted!

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4. BT Sim-only deal: Enjoy savings and get extra GB of data

If you’re looking for a new phone contract minus the handset itself, you might want to cast an eye over BT’s SIM-only deals: the company is offering some pretty nice deals right now. For instance, you can get a plan with 10GB of monthly data for the price of 8GB (£17 per month), and a 20GB plan for the price of 15GB (£20 per month). 

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