Best broadband deals 2021: Huge savings on broadband packages from all the top UK internet service providers this month

Having good broadband has never been more important and all the top UK broadband providers (including Sky, BT, Virgin and TalkTalk) are aware of this. Thankfully, there are some great broadband deals on offer for a limited time in the ongoing sales.

Whether you need to power a whole household with ultra-fast Wi-Fi for streaming content, or rely on a stable internet connection for your work and kids’ online classes, we’re here to help you sort the digital wheat from the chaff. We’ve painstakingly compiled a list of the 10 best broadband deals in the UK, which can save you hundreds of pounds over the course of your contract. Almost all of the below deals include unlimited bandwidth, but be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up.

We must warn you that most of these prices are for a limited time, so if you like something you see below, it’s a wise choice to take advantage of an existing deal because there are no guarantees that you’ll get a cheaper price later. From our experience, now is the best time to find the cheapest broadband deals as internet service providers look to lock customers into long-term contracts at rock-bottom prices at the start of the year.

Below, you’ll find the best broadband deals at the time of writing, catering to every budget and bandwidth requirement. Not all deals will apply to your postcode but thankfully, all the broadband services below have their own postcode checker to find out what’s the best deal available in the area where you live. Alternatively, if you want to save time, you can just use the immediate section below to instantly find the best broadband offers currently available for your postcode, and then proceed from there.

The best broadband deals in your area

The best broadband deals in the UK this month

1. Sky: Save £432 on Sky TV and Sky Broadband

Sky usually have a range of offers on both their TV and Broadband bundles throughout the year but these prices are some of its lowest. At present, you can save up to £24 per month when you choose their Sky TV, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Superfast Broadband bundle, which promises average downloads speeds of 59Mbits/sec. Given the contract lasts for 18 months, you’ll be saving £432 in total.

Alternatively, if you’re only looking for Sky Broadband, then you can get Sky Superfast Broadband for £27 per month on the same 18-month contract. This is ideal if you live in a household with multiple people that have different needs, including online lessons, video calls, streaming content and playing online games.

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2. Virgin Media: £30 a month for internet, phone and TV

While Virgin Media’s January sales deals aren’t as cheap as its Black Friday bargains, we’re definitely not complaining about these tasty savings. Surprisingly, it works out cheaper to sign onto a broadband packpage with TV and phone add-ons than forking out for a broadband-only plan.

The 18-month Big Bundle plan is our top pick since it offers top-notch internet and TV for just £30 per month. Expect uber-speedy average download speeds of 108Mbit/sec, ‘Talk Weekends’ phone perk and a Virgin TV 360 box that gives entertainment lovers access to over 100 TV channels.

Buy now from Virgin Media

3. Community Fibre: 150Mbits/sec for just £19.50 per month

You may have not heard of Community Fibre, mainly because it isn’t yet available widely in the UK. However, if you live in an area that offers this broadband service, you’ll find that it has the most value for money because you get blazing fast speeds for a fraction of the price that you would otherwise pay.

Our recommended service is the Ultrafast plan that promises speeds of up to 150Mbits/sec for just £19.50 per month, down from its usual price of £25 a month. This offers ends within a week of writing, though, so make sure to grab it while it lasts.

Buy now from Community Fibre

4. Hyperoptic: Up to 33% off super-fast broadband packages

Like Community Fibre, Hyperoptic is another lesser-known internet service provider that has blazing-fast speeds for super-cheap prices, which are further discounted for a limited time.

The service provider has slashed the price on three of its plans: the Superfast plan (average download speeds of 150Mbit/sec; was £35, now £29 per month), the Ultrafast plan (average download speeds of 500Mbit/sec; was £50, now £35 per month) and the Hyperfast plan (average download speeds of 900Mbit/sec; was £60, now £40 per month).

Buy now from Hyperoptic

5. Vodafone: Get 63Mbit/sec for the price of 35Mbit/sec

That’s right! Get Vodafone’s Superfast Fibre 2 plan for the same price (just £23 per month) as Superfast Fibre 1. That means you can enjoy average download speeds of 63Mbit/sec (instead of 35Mbit/sec) without forking out extra for the privilege. There are no upfront fees, it includes Vodafone’s ‘no-price hike’ promise and comes with unlimited broadband usage.

Or, fancy a free Apple TV? Enjoy best-in-class entertainment if you select Vodafone’s Superfast 1 Extra and Superfast 2 Extra plans. The Superfast Extra 1 plan features average download speeds of 35Mbit/sec, a 1-year Apple TV+ subscription, unlimited Anytime Calls and Vodafone’s ‘no-price hike’ promise.

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6. Plusnet: Super cheap fibre plans with NO setup fees

Plusnet is currently offering up to 29% off its broadband packages, which is made sweeter thanks to its zero activation fees. The biggest saving can be found on Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre Extra deal, down from £37 to £25 per month.

In return, you’ll get average downloads speeds of 66Mb and line rental included. There’s also 20% off the Unlimited Broadband package, with 10Mb average download speeds for £19 per month.

Buy now from Plusnet

7. NOW TV: Save on NOW TV’s fibre plans

NOW TV is currently offering savings on both of its fibre broadband plans. Fab Fibre, which offers average speeds of 36Mbit/sec, is available for £22 per month (usually £23), and comes with a year-long Entertainment Pass for an extra £6 per month (usually £10).

For a faster connection, consider the Super Fibre option which gives average download speeds of 63Mbit/sec and is now available for £24 per month, down from £28. This 12-month contract, however, does not offer a discounted Entertainment Pass like the deal above.

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8. Post Office: Half-price broadband and fibre packages

It’s good to see that Post Office’s Boxing Day deals are still hanging around. Slashing its broadband and fibre packages by almost half, the cheapest of the bunch — the Unlimited Broadband deal — now costs just £17 per month instead of its usual £30. The 12-month plan includes average download speeds of 11Mbit/sec, free line rental and scraps data caps and upfront fees.

Need a boost? Upgrade to the Fibre Broadband Plus package (average download speeds of 67Mbit/sec; 12-month plan) for just £28 and save a cool £14 each month.

Buy now from Post Office

9. EE: FREE mobile data boost with every broadband package

Are you an EE customer? You’re in luck! EE are willing to give loyal customers with pay-monthly phone plans 10% off their broadband contracts. Plus, plenty of EE’s broadband and fibre packages will boost your monthly data allowance by up to 20GB when signing up.

EE’s Standard Broadband deal costs £21.50 per month (5GB mobile data boost; 10Mbit/sec; 18-month contract), or you can fork out for the HUGE Full Fibre Max 900 (20GB mobile data boost; 900Mbit/sec; 18-month contract) which will set you back £54 per month.

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10. BT: Save on Fibre plans’ monthy cost & NO upfront fees

BT’s January sales pale in comparison to heavy hitters such as Sky, Vodafone and Virgin Media but its offers are still nothing to be sniffed at. After all, getting free postage, no upfront costs and a couple quid off the monthly cost is a tempting package.

The Fibre Essential plan offers average download speeds of up to 36Mbit/sec (was £27p/m, now £25p/m), while the Fibre 2 plan delivers an average download speeds of up to 73Mbit/sec (was £32p/m, now £30p/m). You’ll need to hurry, though, because these offers end soon.

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